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Hachisu blankets, multi-layer 3D weaving


In August 2013, our prototype blanket was completed.We've been working in research and development on unprecedented 3D weaving for a long time.

Traditional blankets are double clothed interlacing both sides. We therefore studied on the possibility of weaving multiple three-dimensional structures. As a result, we succeeded in development of blenkets higher in functionality with more complex structure.

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Product Testers Needed

Join us to help develop our new products!


When creating new blankets, we implement a product testing system to survey our customer’s opinions about functionality and/or designs.

It is essential for us to acquire your feedback to create better products.

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  • b1 The most exclusive wool “Vicuna”.
    The wool is shed only once every five years. It is extremely rare and precious.

    Vicunas live in the Andes in Peru, South America. This unique, delicate and lustrous wool is a treasure of mankind. It is warm and light. A highly sophisticated wool for those who seek the best.
  • b2 Luxuriate in its warmth. ― Wool ―
    Allow yourself to be pampered in its softness.

    Using only top quality lambs' wool, its warmth surrounds you. Rarity and characteristics that only a precious material possesses. It has fascinated people across the ages.
  • b3 Guanaco
    Guanaco is unusual and is prized for its rarity.

    It is really soft and has excellent thermal characteristics. They are rare and live only in Northern Argentina. Once you've felt the soft texture, you'll never want to put it down.
  • b4 Cashmere
    Unbelievably soft and warm. An unforgettable experience.

    Cashmere's softness and warmth are beyond compare. Cashmere's rare nobility has characteristics of durable fine quality and soft wearability. Popular across the ages.
  • b5 Camel is worn for underwear in cold regions due to its warmth.
    Keeps you warm throughout the night.

    The characteristics of camel are durability, lightness and warmth. Air between the hair-filaments provide excellent insulation. Camel hair is considered a precious material; only about 40 tons per year are produced.
  • b6 Alpaca’s softness covers you, lulling you into a deep and peaceful sleep.
    Alpaca can be sheared for 10 to12 years. The wool is extremely hardwearing. It is three times as durable as normal wool and twice as durable as mohair. However its softness and warmth will soothe you to sleep.